Group Homes and Apartments

Projects underway
Willow Glen Apartments
A new construction affordable elderly housing development to be
constructed in Newton Falls, Ohio.  This 40 unit building is scheduled for
completion in spring 2012.  (HUD 202 Capital Advance funds with HOME

Morgandale Commons
A 10 unit apartment building in Warren, Ohio for Chronically Mentally Ill
adults.  This project will be constructed using HUD 811 Capital Advance
and HOME funds)

Cedar Group Home
A 4 bedroom group home for chronically mentally ill adults.  This project is
under construction. (HUD 811 Capital Advance)  

Completed projects
Mercedarian Plaza
A newly constructed senior housing project on Cleveland's west side.  
This property provides safe affordable housing for 40 seniors. ( HUD 202
Capital Advance funding and HOME funds)

Weider Silver Manor                        
A new construction nine unit apartment building housing 18 individuals      
with chronic mental illness.
(HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Tanaka House
A new construction ten unit group home for adults suffering from chronic    
mental illness (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Franklin Apartments
A new construction complex of 10 one bedroom apartments in two               
buildings for chronically mentally ill individuals able to live independently    
 (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Hawkins House
A five bedroom home rehabilitated into a group home for five adults             
suffering from chronic mental illness and physical disabilities.  (Ohio          
Department of Mental Health Capital & County match)

Flores House
A new construction eight bedroom home for adults suffering with mental    
illness and substance abuse.
(Ohio Department of Mental Health Capital & County match)

Robinsteen Apartments
A new construction 6 unit apartment building for independent living              
clients suffering with Mental Illness (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Apple Grove II Apartments
A ten unit apartment in two buildings to provide permanent housing for       
adults suffering with Chronic Mental Illness (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Beginnings I
Combination of a four unit apartment and a four bedroom group home        
scattered site development (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Simcha Apartments
A rehabilitation of an 11 unit apartment building for chronically mentally       
ill adults capable of independent living (HUD 811 Capital Advance)

Haverim Homes
Rehabilitation of two existing homes for chronically mentally ill adults          
also diagnosed with mental retardation or brain injury  (HUD 811                 
Capital Advance)

Commercial (non-residential)
Mental Health Services for Homeless persons (MHS)
An acquisition and renovation of a 36,000 square foot building into clinical
and administrative space for a Mental Health Agency that works with
homeless individuals.  The building was formerly a manufacturing/ office
building in the central business district that was in a state of disrepair.  It
is being rehabilitated to provide on site clinical space as well as outreach
offices to serve the agency clientele        (This project was financed with a
combination of equity and bond issues.)
Recent Projects
Dalton North Coast, Inc.